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Mike Blackman's Carbon Fiber Widebody Nissan 370Z

Updated: Mar 19, 2019


Mike Blackman has built a very uniquely custom Nissan 370Z. From interior modifications, out to the hardware used to rivet the body kit to the car, he pays attention to the smallest details. This Z wouldn't have been possible without the help, support, and backing of his closest friends.


Full Carbon Fiber Niko kit

AMS Carbon Fiber hood

Fuji frontrs2 fenders

Street Aero diffuser

Street Aero side splitters

Carbon Fiber duckbill spoiler

Gen 3 ZAKUSTECH carbon louvers

Carbon fiber mirrors and pillers

Mpc motorsports hardware

Z Works custom headlights


Art in Motion MA5 Wheels

F: 18x10.5 -15

R: 18x13.5 -26

Airlift Performance 3P Air Suspension

Dual Viair Compressors


Braum Komodo Seats

ZStore custom carbon interior

Zero custom shifter

SoundStream dual display stereo

Diamond mat custom floor mats

5 Gallon polished air tank

Custom hardwood floor trunk


Tanabe Cat-back Exhaust

Stillen Short Ram Air Intake



Fly1 Motorsports


Z Work Lights

Braum Racing

Street Aero

MPC Motorsports




Behind the Shoot..

Over the course of multiple weeks of scouting locations, getting details worked out with the car, and figuring out what day works best. We finally created the content desired by both parties. This project is special to me due to the fact that I've seen where it began and how far it has come. Mike has put a lot of time and effort in this build to make it unique and different from the current car community around the greater Nashville area. This car strikes nothing less than the attention of bystanders on the sidewalk to civilians in passing cars. It definitely helped catch the attention of others being that I was hanging out of the back of a car while filming the Z rolling down music row. (Linked below is the video)

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